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Add custom checkout form fields

Last edited: 2011-03-15

You can add checkout form field using the following variable, for your customers to include further information when they checkout. To add custom checkout form field, got to Checkout Form Fields within the control panel.

Variable Required Explain/Example
noteX Yes Field identifier, X = 1-5

Example Title HTML Code
Textarea Special request? <textarea rows="6" cols="50" name="note1"></textarea>
Text input Enter your wedding date: <input type="text" name="note1" value="" / >
Drop-down menu How did you find us? <select name="note2">
<option value="not selected" selected>Please choose one:</option>
<option value="search engine">Search Engine</option>
<option value="promotional material">Brochure/Flyer/Leaflet</option>
<option value="recommended">Recommended by friend</option>
Radio button What is your sex? <input type=" radio" name="note2" value="Male">Male
<input type=" radio" name="note2" value="Female">Female
Checkbox Contact you via... <input type="checkbox" name="note1" value="Phone" />Just call me!
<input type="checkbox" name="note1" value="Email" />Send me email
<input type="checkbox" name="note1" value="Post" />Post to me
Text Information Shipping information All orders will be dispatched within 3 working days ....

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